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An exceptional salon experience unlike any other. Unleash your hair’s potential with Peter’s Place Hair & Color—the number one Boca Raton hair salon.

We house a passionate, talented, sincere team of expert stylists, colorists, and hair specialists. We want. Every one of us excels in the craft of all things hair. We’re top in delivering the highest form of hair care to show the most beautiful you.

Our expert stylists are deeply committed to our customers. We strive to deliver hairstyles and treatments you love. We strive to reach and surpass our clientele’s expectations. Experience haircuts and hairstyling at its best in Boca Raton's most luxurious hair salon.

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Hair Coloring & Highlights

Our talented hair colorists will make you gorgeous in any hair color you wish. Any shade and any hue, you’re never dull and never blue!

Hair Extensions

Our hair specialists will instantly bring to life any hair length you desire. Nothing is ever impossible.

Keratin Hair Treatments

Never greet your lifeless, frizzy, damaged hair again. Revitalize it with our range of excellent keratin services. We deliver professional-grade, long-lasting results for optimal hair state.

Bridal Hair Styling

Get ready for the big day with a spectacular hairstyle. Boca Raton's finest hair stylists are ready to help make your special day memorable with modern to classic bridal hairstyles.

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A New Frontier In Hair Design

The newly reformulated, revolutionary Peter Coppola® α-Keratin Repair System™ provides the safest and most advanced hair healing framework available for dry, damaged, color-treated, over-processed or frizzy hair.

Advanced scientific research into our formaldehyde & aldehyde-free and proprietary low-pH mechanism treatments, combined with all-natural keratin proteins, amino acids and other pure ingredients, enables hair experts and consumers alike to unleash professional-grade results for healthy and shiny hair.

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Best Selling Products

Our hair care product line is of its highest standard. The reformulated, revolutionary, and ever-effective Peter Coppola® α-Keratin Repair System™ will transform your crowning glory. It will care for, treat, heal, rejuvenate, and revitalize any unwanted hair dilemmas.

a-Keratin Smoothing Shampoo

a-Keratin Smoothing styling Treatment

a-Keratin Smoothing Conditioner

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