2021 Trends Sport Retro Looks

When we talk about hairstyling trends in 2021, the great thing to note is that nothing is ever really out.  Still, there are looks that come and go.  This year, many of us are yearning to run to our stylist.  I recommend coming to Peter’s Place Hair + Color to get your fresh new look.  A new look reminds us that we are past 2020, into 2021 – a new year with new opportunities. That is why it is a little surprising that many of the most popular 2021 trends sport retro looks.  Perhaps it has to do with being stuck at home watching old movies and TV series.  Maybe it is a nostalgic nod to a time when global pandemics were a thing of the past.  Either way, the new looks are fresh, fun and spunky.

From celebs to seniors looks were changing from long locks to bobs or shaved.  The 2020 slowdown made some of the favorite fresh looks carry over into 2021.  Here are some of the top requests we are seeing at Peter’s Place Hair + Color.

The Big Chop. 

This doesn’t mean shaving your head, but going from long to short can be a freeing experience, and lots of celebs are leading the pack.  We think it has a lot to do with being stuck inside during lockdown, with hair getting way too long.  You can do so much with different cut patterns on bangs for lots of flexibility.  Its easy care and fun and when you add a bold new color, it looks totally fresh.

Short Swoopy Bob. 

This one may take more upkeep, but it is one of the most popular looks coming out of 2020.  The ends can be blunt with a strong line at the chin, or chiseled for a softer more feminine look. The bangs or front hair swoops across the face, softening the look more.  Bobs are classic, but the swoopy bob is an updated look that is gaining in popularity.

Asymmetrical Bob. 

This cut wears well on more shapes and looks.  It also allows more experimentation with color.  The cut is already dramatic, and changing to ombre or bubblegum pink hair seems a perfect finish to this cut.  It is the perfect opportunity to go bold and get the fresh feel and look you need after being cooped up at home for all of 2020.


Ah, the mullet.  It was a 1980’s phenomenon, but today’s mullet is different.  It is a little softer, framing the face in a more flattering way.  The 2021 mullet can be cut full for lots of texture or close to the face.  Talk to your stylist. The most important aspect of hair today, is to feel easy.  Whether the hair is multicolor, balayage or bleached, at the end of the day, we want the hair to simply look “you”.

70’s Bangs. 

This is another 2021 trend that sports a nostalgic retro look.  Those who did not want to chop their locks, kept long hair.  With those long tresses, we are seeing a return of the seventies bangs and long layers, only with less feathering and more adorability.  Though it is retro, it is really a timeless beautiful look.

Peter’s Place Hair + Color focuses more on your personal style than on popular looks.  We believe most women have an innate sense of the look that work with their style.  When you come into our salon, we listen and then our expert team delivers your fresh new look.   Call us for your new look.  We are here for you.