Peter Coppola from Peter's Place Boca Raton Salon and Spa.

Peter Coppola Hair & Color

A full-service hair salon led by Peter Coppola 

Thirty years after Peter Coppola opened his first Florida salon at Boca Center, he returns to the exact same suite where it all began - introducing his latest business venture, Peter's Place Hair & Color. The 4,000 square-foot full-service hair salon offers blow dry & style, color, hair extensions and keratin treatments, among others. 

Coppola is most recognized as the creator of the Keratin Complex and Keratin Concept lines. He began his revolutionary career in 1968 when he teamed up with stylist Paul Mitchell to open the first American hair cutting salon.

Coppola has spent more than 50 years in the hair care industry, building a reputation based on providing a first-class, modern-day salon experience. Peter's Place Hair & Color is currently the only salon in the country that Peter Coppola has a hand in. Coppola brings a passionate team of expert stylists, colorists and specialists with their own respective followings based on their creativity and talent in the industry. 

Hair care is selfcare. Stop in for a full day of beauty and leave feeling rejuvenated and dazzling from head to toe. Walk-ins are welcome. 

Interior of Peter's Place Boca Raton Salon and Spa.
Peter Coppola in Peter's Place Boca Raton Salon and Spa.
Interior of Peter's Place Boca Raton Salon and Spa.

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