Allowing Ourselves a Winning Experience

Submitted by Jo Gardner
Jan 26, 2021

Don’t you love the idea of winning, whether it a lottery, drawing or contest?  Thinking about the possibility of winning leads my brain in creative fantasies of tropical vacations, new homes or vehicle.  Sometimes  it leads me to think about giving time and money to an important charity or cause so they can afford to do more of the good work they do.  Or maybe you could simply pamper yourself – just a bit.   We wanted so many of you in the December 31st contest drawing to win, so we could pamper you all.  There could be only one winner, but we are excited to announce she has been notified and we promise pictures soon.  Keep your eyes peeled here for a post where we can share her name and  celebrate her Peter’s Place winning experience.

Though there was only one winner, each of us can still book a makeover at Peter’s Place Hair + Color.  The idea of having my hair styled by Peter Coppola is a dream come true.  The great thing about this, is that though I can’t be in the contest, because I indirectly work with Peter’s Place Hair + Color, soon I will make my own dream a reality, and you can too.  Peter Coppola opened Peter’s Place Hair + Color where he has his hands directly in the style, architecture and sexiness of hair.  He brings to life the gorgeous side of women and men. 

It is exciting to see the direction of hair today.  It is especially exciting, because for a year, we have been sequestered, rarely appearing except in Zoom sessions, selfies, and electronic posts.  In all of these posts, I have noticed many of us boasting self-styled hair in an effort to follow social distance protocols where we could.  I wish the sequestering was over! 

I want to do my part to keep everyone around me healthy, but I need those few hours in the salon.  It is one of the most calming routines I can name.  It is also kind of nice, since my attention at home is on everyone around me, to take a few hours in the salon that are all about me. I decided it is time.

It is great to do things for your fam, but it is so amazing to have a beautiful place to go to relax in luxury while legendary professionals like those on Peter Coppola’s team rejuvenate your soul…and your hair.  I don’t see it as selfish.  I think it is like putting the oxygen mask on yourself, so you are able to put one on your child.   

We got through 2020.  Now it is 2021.  We are still sequestered at home, but we deserve to put on a mask and go get a fresh hair style. We deserve to be able to buy nourishing haircare products.  We can look and feel our best.  Even if we are not back to  the old normal, we can feel a little closer to it.  So even if we did not win a drawing, we can still allow ourselves the winning experience. Just pick up your phone and let Peter Coppola’s team bring out the inner gorgeous in you.  Call (561) 510-8100 to set up your appointment.  Get back your sanity, and your style, and meet new potential friends in the process.  See you there.

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