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A woman has a balayage hairstyle.

Partial Versus Full Balayage: Understand The Difference

Published September 23, 2023 A balayage is a hairstyle that has consistently been winning the hearts of everyone. It always looks beautiful, fresh, and in style. It also looks different for everyone. It is as if you’ll stand out if you have it.  If you’re contemplating getting it, one common question you can never seem…

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The girl is sad because of her dead and damaged hair.

The Secret to Reviving Dead and Damaged Hair: Expert Guide

Published September 18, 2023 All hair is dead hair. Suppose we are to speak technically. However, we all collectively know that bouncy, smooth, healthy hair exists. Together with its counterpart, a damaged, rough, and majorly unruly one. It is what most people mean when they term having dead hair. It exists, and it’s valid. And…

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A hair that needs keratin treatment to have smooth, shiny, healthy hair.

Why You Should Add Keratin to Your Hair Care Routine?

Published September 9, 2023 A great hair care routine will greatly influence how well your crowning glory looks. As much as possible, we want to optimize it. And if you ever hoped for hair that is smooth, shiny, and frizz-free, you must leverage the power of keratin.  Continue reading to learn how keratin is excellent…

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A person in the shower using a high-quality shampoo in hair.

How To Choose the Best Shampoo According to Your Hair Type

Published August 29th, 2023 You might believe that selecting your shampoo is not a big deal. You might grow to ignore its different types, thinking that it doesn’t make a difference. Later, you find out that washing your hair is critical to your hair health. And not just washing it with any shampoo. Washing your…

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Favorite seasonal trends and hairstyles.

Favorite Seasonal Trends in Hair Color

Find the perfect hair color on this list of favorite seasonal trends and our full service salon will help you achieve your vision.

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Oway smoothing treatment product image.

Oway Smoothing Treatment – Available Now

At Peters Place Hair + Color, we are thrilled to introduce Oway Hstraighten is one of our favorites- a smoothing treatment for incredibly smooth hair.

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Exciting hair style from a Boca Raton salon.

Bold or Subtle Hair Color, Always Beautiful

Peter’s Place Hair + Color can create endless combinations of bold or subtle hair color that is always beautiful.

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ISAGENIX Collagen Elixir

Isagenix Collagen Elixir Will Have You Glowing

We think you will love our featured product. In an easy to absorb liquid form, ISAGENIX Collagen Elixir is a popular product at Peter’s Place Hair + Color.

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Smoothing Treatment by Maurice.

Smoothing Treatment is Key to Gorgeous Hair

For many women, including Jennifer Aniston, the secret to manageable, smooth, shiny, frizz-free hair is a smoothing treatment.

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