Glamorous Wedding Hairstyles – Pick Your Perfect Look!

The wedding season brings joy along with challenges for everyone! The bride should definitely shine and a glamorous hairstyle from Peter’s Place Hair + Color adds to her glow.  But inspiration and style can extend beyond the bride.  A wedding day is a day to feel gorgeous, whether you are the center of the affair, a bridesmaid, or her guest.  Fashion-conscious, confident women want the right look not just for this, but for formal occasions throughout the upcoming season!  

A gorgeous glowing bride is an absolute must on her day. We understand, if you are the bride, the importance of the “wow factor” to turn heads, photograph well, and make stunning memories.  Glamorous wedding hairstyles range from soft, loosely tousled tresses, to uber-sophisticated updos enhanced with sparkles, opulent flowers, and other embellishments. One of the following styles will make sure you’re camera-ready with stunning locks as the talk of the ballroom. 

Try a Sleek and Glamorous Updo

Nothing says elegance and style like a chic updo. A classic style for longer hair, this kind of twisted and tucked style is polished and elegant.  When paired with an elegant gown it becomes glamour personified.

Add a wrapped headband look to add a little fun to the vintage glamour updo with a retro twist and tuck. Or use the headband updo to soften the elegance. Get your stylist to add volume and arrange cascades to frame your face. Some glossy hair extensions and a few embellishments will make this look the talk of the day. Add curls for extra appeal, or go the braided path to a classic chignon. If a tight chignon seems too severe or cold, add some softness with a tousled look and some teased locks to frame the face for a more relaxed vibe.

Go With Glossy Waves or Curls For Long or Mid-Length Hair

A flowing style like glossy waves makes the perfect glamorous hairstyle for long and medium-length hair. The style is chic, while still being sort of soft and romantic, and adds a timeless feel to the event. Paired with a classic style gown, it is not only perfect for the bridal look, but also works nicely if you are just attending. Add a crown of flowers to soften the look and add a touch of romance. Curls work just as well, and a heedful of tumbling curls framing a face can be an amazing wedding look.

For a More Contemporary Look, Try an Edgy Slick-Back

The slicked back and gelled look works with most hair lengths.  But it is especially dramatic on shorter haircuts, and adds a sleek and edgy contemporary wedding look. This down-do hairstyle is created by adding volume, then slicking the hair back.   to create a bold, but glamorous wedding hairstyle.

Try Ponytails or Braids or Combine Them for a New Effect

Almost too simple to be a glamorous enough hairstyle for a wedding, braids and ponytails can be sophisticated. Combine a high ponytail with soft curls for a contemporary slant on a classic look, or go with the more relaxed low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Use a braid to give flowing open hair some structure, or to add a side sweep. There are so many ways to make this look pop.  Ask your stylist for suggestions. 

Our trained and expert hairstylist at Peter’s Place Hair + Color can give you many other glamorous wedding hairstyles for that perfect combination of wedding sophistication and fun.  Styles can range from half-up half-down styles, tousled or more structured buns adorned with innovative ornaments or tiaras, combinations of buns and curls, and so much more! Contact us for location and hours or call (561) 510-8100 to book your consultation.  Or post your favorite styles on our facebook page. Let our expert stylists create the most magical style with you!

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