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Hair Coloring and Highlights in Boca Raton

Find premium hair coloring and highlights at Peter’s Place Hair & Color located in Town Center Boca Raton.

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Hair coloring and highlights by a professional stylist.

As a leading salon in Boca Raton, you’re in for an outstanding hair coloring, highlights, and root touch experience. Our hair colorists will transform your hair into any color you desire perfectly. It will give you newfound confidence as they meticulously ensure it fits you and your complexion. Peter’s Place Hair & Color will provide a glowing aura as you receive your hair coloring and highlights treatment. More importantly, you’ll receive the treatment with extra care to preserve your hair’s health.

Hair Coloring

Here at Peter’s Place, we know hair coloring is not just adding a hue to your tresses. It’s about adding shine, glaze, and texture with a great color complementing your beauty. We also know the hassle of hair coloring. We can assure you that our hair coloring treatments will not damage your hair but the other way around. We will nourish your hair, preserve its health, and boost its state.


Are you feeling bold? Try our highlights services. Highlights are a great way to add personality to your hair. It gives your hair dimension and depth, mimicking how natural sunlight affects hair color. It can accentuate certain facial features, like your eyes and cheekbones. It will also complement your skin tone to bring your natural glow.

Root Touch Up

Root touch-ups help to maintain a consistent and even hair color. It gives your hair a fresh and polished look. It is the secret to rejuvenating your overall hairstyle. It makes your tresses well-maintained and vibrant. It’s your high maintenance to look at your best low maintenance. It’s the perfect treatment to greet your hair at its best every day effortlessly.

Boca hair salon hair coloring result.
Peters Place hair salon exterior photo in Boca Raton.

Experience Peter Coppola’s salon in Town Center Boca Raton.

Hair coloring done at Peters Place hair salon in Boca Raton.
Hair coloring done at Peters Place hair salon.
Dark hair coloring done at Peters Place hair salon in Boca Raton.
Hair highlights done at Peters Place hair salon.