Hairstyles to Rock this Summer

It is summertime and the scorching heat calls for easy up‘doos, high ponies and messy buns. The sun is shining and the weather is nearing triple digits, so putting something together that is speedy without using heat styling is a must this summer season.

Crank up the heat this year with these hairstyles that can keep you cool by withstanding humidity and long days at the beach! We have listed some fun and flattering styling ideas that you can rock this summer season. Whether you have a gradual bob or long hair down to your waist, these hairstyles will take you from the beach to brunch effortlessly.

Messy French braid

French braids will always be a summer staple.  Loosen things up and don’t worry about how messy it looks. The more floating layers there are, the more gorgeous and summer friendly it looks. You can create a luxurious French braid with either curly or pin straight hair and toss it to the side.


Add a retro vibe to a beach day. After drying hair straight, apply Peter Coppola shine serum and make your braid. Add a bucket hat for instant U.V protection paired with a bold lip, it’s instantly stylish. The shine turns classic into retro fun.

Wet look bun

Hot days and nights call for stylish up’dos. This wet bun is a godsend for days that are too hot for blow-drying or heat styling. After washing your hair, apply a Peter Coppola Keratin Concept High Definition Gloss to damp strands and sweep it up.

It is simple to wrap your hair into a bun and pin it in place but the gloss adds a whole new dimension to the look.

Bubble ponytail

Add a creative twist to your regular ponytail. This chic ponytail will see you through even on the hottest summer days with no difficulty. This hairstyle is super simple to achieve and looks effortlessly chic and stylish.

Start by gathering the front or top section of hair and put it in an elastic band.  Pull a small lock of hair from underneath and wrap the elastic band.  Use a bobby pin to hold it.  Then a few inches farther put in another hair elastic.  pull gently at the sides of this newly created section to add volume and form a rounded, bubble-like shape. You can also loosen the sides with a brush to carefully create your “bubble.

Twisted hairstyle

For all those who love princess-like hair, this twisted hairstyle is the one for you. Look picture perfect with this charming hairdo for your special summer occasions. This hairstyle is amazingly easy to do and looks good on every hair type.

Start by parting the hair and make two sections of the hair to the ear.  Twist the two sections like rope until you reach the center back of the head.  Clip the twist in place and repeat on the other side.  Voila!

Waterfall braids

Step up your hairstyling game with waterfall braid. For a romantic vibe, add some waves to your hair before braiding. Pair up with your short dress for your socially distanced picnic parties. The style is a little more complicated and you may need to practice it, but the finished you is worth it.

A waterfall braid is like a French braid, where part of the hair goes into the braid and the rest cascades down like a waterfall.  You start with three strands of hair to braid, but then allow the front section to hang down and add a new section. I have to clip the section that will hand down to avoid confusion.

Beach waves

Beach waves are the rave this season. Bring out the vividness of summer by getting a wavy texture without heat. Bring this pic to your favorite stylist at Peter’s Place Hair + Color.  We can show you several variations on waves, balayage and blow outs. 

With highlights the beach waves hairstyle is quintessential summer. Your Peter’s Place stylist can create this look to last. You’re going to love the beachy feel of this style.

The scarf wrap bun

Go all out with scarves. No matter how you flip it, hair scarves are an ideal choice to keep wild strands and exposed roots totally covered. Tie your scarf around the crown and roll two inches hair out and then under. Tuck the hair in to the scarf, you can secure loose pieces with a bobby pin if you want to dress it up, or keep it messy for a cool laid back look.

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