Know Your Hair Care Basics

Hair Care Guidelines

No matter what type of hair you have – curly hair, thin hair, oily hair, or  dry hair – there are certain hair care guidelines that are universal.  Sure, you’ll want to tailor your routine to your hair needs, but here is some general care tips that can keep your hair healthy longer.

1. Lukewarm water to wash your hair.

Hot scalding showers are so relaxing, but just not worth it when they damage skin and hair.  That nearly scalding temp in the shower can strip your hair, and skin of essential oils.  Your hair will feel drier and look duller because it will become both.  Just before you step into your next shower, adjust the temperature.  Lukewarm water is as effective at cleansing, but is much less harsh on your hair and body.

2. Concentrate Shampoo on the Scalp

The American Academy of Dermatology washing hair tips and lengths strip them of moisture.  Your scalp, on the other hand, constantly produces oil and constantly sheds skin cells.  That is what you want to cleanse.  So the next time you break out your Peter Coppola legacy Shampoo, or your Peter Coppola A-Keratin Repair, focus on the scalp and roots.

3. Use Conditioner the right way. 

You squeeze a little conditioner onto your hair after shampoo, right?  NOOOO!  Conditioner requires the opposite approach of shampooing. Where does your hair get greasy first?  Usually, it’s the roots, right?  Conditioner should go on the portions of the hair that are drier.  Skip the roots and apply your Peter Coppola xxx from the middle of your hair shafts to the ends.  Using a wide tooth comb can help detangle your hair as you go.  Over conditioning roots can make hair heavy and flat, but correctly applied a system of moisturizing shampoo and conditioner like Peter Coppola Legacy or Peter Coppola A-Keratin Repair will bring a healthy sheen to your locks.

4. Rinse Super Thoroughly

You want your hair to feel conditioned, right?  Not necessarily.  If you feel the product on your hair still, you need to rinse your hair more thoroughly.  Skimping on this step will leave you with the potential of product buildup.  Unless you are using a leave on product, make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly.  You might be amazed at the difference in shine and bounce your hair gains.

5. Don’t Towel Dry Your Hair

Squeeze out excess water, then pat your hair gently with your towel or a cotton cloth.  Don’t rub your hair dry, it strips your hair of those essential oils you protected with the prior steps.

6. Protect Your Hair Before Styling

Excessive heat styling can brutalize your hair.  We know you need to do it.  We just recommend you protect your hair first.  Peters Place Hair + Color has several Peter Coppola products available that can protect your specific type of hair.  Call us at (561) 510-8100 for information on which is right for your hair.  We can help you give your hair the best protection before you apply the heat.

7. Air dry when you can

Giving your hair a break from the heat can go a long way to protecting your crowning glory. If you aren’t due somewhere, simply comb out your hair with a wide tooth comb to detangle it and then let your hair air dry.

8. Deep Condition regularly

All types of hair can benefit from a deep conditioning treatment such as Peter Coppola’s A-Keratin Repair.  It works quickly but heals more deeply.  If you’re going to style it regularly, heal it regularly too.

Peter Coppola knows hair care.  Peter Coppola® products are formulated based on an uncompromising standard of health and environment.  The results are incredible, bringing out hair’s beauty and style.  If you don’t know what product fits your specific hair type, call Peter’s Place Hair + Color to find your system.  If you are in the Boca Raton area, drop in for a personal consultation.  You’re going to love your hair.

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