Smoothing Treatment is Key to Gorgeous Hair

Do you spend hours straightening your hair everyday but can’t get the desired result? Frizz can ruin a good hair day and no women likes’ dry, unmanageable hair.  If you have ever experienced frizz and out of control hair, you might have already considered getting a smoothing treatment.  Maybe you were nervous about how it would turn out, or wanted to avoid the cost.

For many women, including Jennifer Aniston, the secret to manageable, smooth, shiny, frizz-free hair is a smoothing treatment. It has been deemed a miracle that not only eradicates frizz but help you achieve that straight, smooth shiny look that you have always dreamed of. 

Smoothing Treatment by Maurice at Peter’s Place Hair + Color

How Does A Smoothing Treatment Work?

Keratin is a protein that is naturally found in the hair.  It protects against chemicals and humidity both of which make frizz prone hair frizzier. Over time, due to sun exposure, heating tools, environmental factors and hair dyes, the hair loses keratin.  The keratin loss results in tangled, dry and damaged hair. Smoothing keratin treatments penetrate into the hair follicle and fill porous areas where keratin has been depleted. A smoothing treatment is basically rebuilding the hair by replacing the lost proteins in your tresses.

Performed by a professional hair expert, this wonderful treatment gives your hair new life by locking out humidity and significantly reducing all that precious time spent on styling.

How Is A Smoothing Treatment Performed?

For that effortless wash and go kind of hair, expect your salon visit to last anywhere from two to four hours depending on the treatment you want. When you arrive, your hairstylist will shampoo your hair, the next step will be applying the smoothing treatment and let the formula saturate each strand, after applying the products, the stylist blow dries the hair and then finishes with a flat iron to set the treatment in.

Results of smoothing treatments can last up to six months and your stylist might personalize formula blends to suit your hair type.

What Are The Advantages Of Smoothing Treatments?

  • Can cut down styling time in half. It is a life saver for those who usually straighten their  hair with a flat iron or a blow-dryer
  • Smooths out the hair cuticle and makes hair resilient to breakage
  • Protects your hair from sun and environmental damage
  • Hair doesn’t tangle easily
  • Gets rid of frizzy and dry hair. Hair remains smooth and manageable even when the weather gets humid
  • Strengthens hair and gives your hair a new look
  • Minimal upkeep required. You can enjoy smooth luscious hair for 3 to 6 months
  • Less damaging than heat styling on a daily basis

For a no maintenance summer look, a smoothing treatment is hard to beat. You will feel like you are in a luxurious hair commercial without having to worry about sweat or moisture activating your frizz.

Note:  Only highly skilled hair professionals, like those at Peter’s Place Hair + Color should apply these treatments. If not applied correctly, these treatments can damage your hair. The above image is of Darlene, an actual client of Maurice, colorist and stylist extraordinaire at Peter’s Place.  You can schedule with Maurice by calling (561) 510-8100.

Edited by Jo Gardner for Peter’s Place Hair+Color.

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