Ways the Right Hairstyle Makes Us Feel

There are articles all over the internet about hairstyles for women over fifty, but I see hair style differently.  There are timeless, flattering hairstyles that are as ageless as the women who choose to wear them.  What makes the shape and color of a woman’s hair beautiful on anyone, is how it works with their unique beauty.  A woman who knows who she is, at any age, working with a talented stylist can find the perfect style for her.  This article looks at ways the right hair style makes us feel – at any age.

Classic Pixie: Fun, sassy, and fresh.

Pixie: Fun, sassy, & fresh

No matter how thick your hair is, having it cut short makes it look thicker.  That can be flattering to many women with thin or thinning hair.  I like this style especially, because it draws attention to the eye area, visually lifting the face.  I love the fun and fresh approach to hair and beauty this cut showcases.  It doesn’t hurt that the pixie haircut is an easy-care, easy-to-wear, no-hassle style.  This cut works on several face shapes, such as round, oval, oblong, and diamond. It wears great on young and old, and can go from casual to glamorous, depending on how it is styled.

The Bob: Pretty, feminine yet easy-going.

side parted shaped bob, soft bob, assymetrical bob

The bob hairstyle includes so many different looks, all ending at the chin or just below it.  A bob can be asymmetrically dramatic, with vivid or natural colors. Or, it could be an angled bob, French bob, or blunt-cut bob   It can be soft with swoopy bangs or curve gently around the head.  The thing about a bob hairstyle it that it can look great on so many different faces.  Round face shapes can leverage their soft Madonna looks with a side parted, shaped bob that tapers at the bottom to curl under the chin. Other face shapes that wear a bob style well are oval, square, diamond, heart, or oblong.

Blunt Cut: Strong and powerful.

So maybe you like your hair a little longer. If you have a diamond shaped face, or heart shaped face, the blunt cut adds weight and balance to your jaw line, without elongating your face or look.  The blunt cut has such a strong and precision look to it, that it screams feminine power. Purrfect for the lioness within…

Soft Face Framing Layers: Feminine and soft.

It is the exact opposite of the blunt cut.  When you want to feel uber feminine or take years off, face framing layers are the answer.  This approach to styling, allows you to keep the overall length, while softening the face and hairline.  Add some long bangs for a soft, timeless look.  Who can wear this?  Longer lengths are still for those who will own it, but generally, everything looks great on an oval shaped face, and square and round faced women can wear this.  But the longer length has a tendency to pull down the face.  The layers offset that, but talk to your stylist about the most flattering way to wear your hair.  Take your own personality into account and you will find the right combination of color and shape for your next look.

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