Why Choose Peter Coppola’s Keratin?

Peter Coppola Legacy Keratin Concept has Keratin without the Formaldehydes.

Keratin hair products sound great, and a few, like Peter Coppola Legacy Keratin Concept, are really good for your hair.  Other keratin hair treatments can carry unsafe levels of formaldehyde.  It is known as a carcinogenic chemical and Peter Coppola made sure there are NONE in his Keratin Concept formulas. 

What Is Keratin And Is It Good For Your Hair?

The body naturally produces the protein keratin.  It makes up our hair and nails, though it can also be derived from wool, feathers or horns.  Keratin smooths cells that overlap to form hair strands.  As a haircare treatment, keratin reduces frizz, making hair more manageable and glossier.  Keratin gives hair that healthy shiny look, and can even temporarily bond split ends together. 

Keratin treatments can make your hair more manageable.  When a keratin hair care product does NOT have formaldehyde or aldehydes in its formula, it can naturally strengthen and fortify your hair.  Because Peter Coppola Legacy Keratin Concept products are formaldehyde free, they restore hair.  Peter Coppola’s Keratin haircare products are formulated to nourish, repair and protect hair against damaging effects of chemicals, heat styling, and UV exposure.

Keratin makes hair healthier and stronger.  Remember, it occurs naturally in your hair and nails.  Any product with Keratin in it, usually calls itself a Keratin treatment even when there’s much more formaldehyde than keratin.  Quality treatments like those at Peters Place Hair + Color use keratin as the main ingredient.  Hair treated with non-formaldehyde formulas have slightly more post-treatment curl than when treated with a formaldehyde formula.  Still, your hair will be much easier to dry and style.

Post Treatment Changes in Your Haircare

Once you have keratin treated hair, there are a few changes for your routine.  If your Keratin treatment is professionally done, you should cut your hair washes down to 2 or 3 times a week.  You may notice a faster drying time once your hair is treated with Keratin.  For those who are spending 40 minutes or more blow drying and styling hair, cutting it to 15 minutes or less is a game changer. You may even be able to let your hair air dry more, saving it from regular heat damage.  Hair that is treated with Keratin may seem to grow faster, but in reality, the keratin is strengthening and fortifying the hair, so it doesn’t break off like it used to.

Deciding on the Right Treatment for Your Hair

Keratin treatments may cost a bit more than regular haircare products.  Even So, the time savings each day makes the value well worth the cost of quality Keratin treatments.  Bring your questions to a professional.  Our Peter’s Place Stylists can answer any questions you have about whether a Keratin treatment is right for you.  If it is, Peter’s Place Hair + Color team members can help you pick the treatment right for your hair.  Contact us or call (561) 510-8100 for more information.  We are proud to offer only high quality hair treatment products for healthier, more beautiful hair.

Contributed by Jo Gardner
February 26,2021

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