The Rarest of Stylist Gifts – Great Listening Skills

Peter Coppola has a gift few people, and few men can claim.  He understands what customers want in hair style, cut and treatment.  He and his incredibly talented staff know how to listen to their customers, and that is rare in the industry.  The rarest of stylist gifts – great listening skills – are not rare at Peter’s Place Hair + Color Salon in Boca Raton, Florida. 

How many times have you gone into a salon with an idea of what you want only to walk out with a different result?  Sometimes what a client wants will not work with the hair type.  I get that.  But more often, there are other factors going on.  Busy schedules, a fashion-locked or differing opinion can mean you walkout with a look you never intended…or wanted.

Color by Stela, Style by Thais

I think that is why Peter’s Place Hair + Color  stands out as a breath of fresh, oxygenated air.  The salon itself is beautiful, bright and sparkling clean.  The staff are super friendly and easy to work with, no matter which you choose.  Most of all, anyone I work with at Peter’s Place understands how to listen to my ideas about MY HAIR.  When I leave, I will be the one to wear the new cut, color and style until I come back to update or change it.  I love having someone take the time to understand what I am asking for, and to either explain how it may differ on my hair, or to deliver it. 

Before and After Brazillian Blowout

Don’t just take my word for it.  Here’s what other customers are saying in Google reviews:

Carol … 2 weeks ago

“This is a high end salon that truly delivers excellence. Tracy, my stylist and Claudine, my colorist, are both seasoned professionals who listen to their clients’ vision for their hair and then create the perfect cut and color. At the end of my appointment today, I commented that, “it took 8 years for me to get the color and highlights I wanted”… Need I say more? Go to Peter’s Place and you’ll get the look you’ve always dreamed of.” Carol.

S. … 3 weeks ago

“What a beautiful salon with a lovely staff. Deborah took my hair from fizzy to sleek and beautiful. Her expertise with curly hair really made my hair look its best. Amal did a wonderful job with my wash and Infusio-dose treatment. I can’t thank them enough for the wonderful wash, cut and style. I would highly recommend Peter’s Place to anyone.”

Ivette… 3 weeks ago

“Michelle did an amazing job taking care of me. I thought it was going to take longer to get done especially since I was getting the red color I had in my hair out, but felt like I was in and out. Michael did an awesome job taking her time on cutting my hair and made me aware of each step she was doing. Will definitely be going back there!”

What’s the secret?  The stylists at Peter’s Place are superbly skilled stylists, but they are also active listeners.  The importance is placed on what the client is saying.  You may hear the stylists reiterating what we, as client say.  This is to make sure they are clear on the cut, style or treatment you want.  In any active listening communication visual aids are a great tool.  Stylists at Peter’s Place encourage customers to bring in any pictures, or check salon magazines for images of the look they want.  The emphasis is on delivering a sumptuous experience, with a cut, style or treatment customers wear out the door.  At Peter’s Place, customers experience the rarest of stylist gifts – great listening skills – and end with the look they want.  Why wouldn’t you choose Peter’s Place Hair + Color?

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