Bold or Subtle Hair Color, Always Beautiful

Hair Color Showcases Style

Contributed by Jo Gardner

I love bold colors as well as subtle shades in hair.  That is how I discovered super talented colorists at Peters Place Hair + Color Salon.  They have an amazing ability to create endless color options that bring out the best in each client.  Hair color in the hands of our talented professionals showcases each client’s unique style.  Bold or subtle hair color is always beautiful when it is created at Peter’s Place Hair + Color.

When blended color is done well, it adds dimension and depth to hair.  Highlights that frame the face draw attention to you.  Contrasting color makes a bold statement.  No matter how you decide to use it, hair color is almost an introduction to the woman or man who chooses it. 


Face-Framing Money-piece

Two bright streaks around your face are back, called either money-piece highlights or e-girl streaks. It’s an easy trend to love since it’s super fun, focused on you, and doesn’t require coloring most of your hair. Your colorist can give you a light hit of color in the front. If you want high drama, your stylist can use bright color in front and add a contrasting solid color on the rest of your hair.  Discuss the end results with your stylist because you’ll be wearing it everywhere.

Brown with Caramel Balayage

Brown  and Caramel Balayage 

Subtle highlights are a gorgeous way to refresh your looks in rich overtones.   Adding warm balayage gives hair dimension and pizzazz.  The Caramel balayage overtones create a deeper, rich, yet natural look. Even brunettes can sport a sun-kissed look because it works on virtually everyone.

Ask your colorist for varying shades of brown placed throughout your hair for the most dimensional and natural look.

Two Tones Better than One

Two Tones are Better Than One

Want depth?  Your colorist can create instant depth using two tones to mingle deep chocolate and warmer colored locks.  When you want a fascinating look without stark color changes, We love this two-tone dark chocolate color. 

Warm auburn highlights add a softness and depth that is flattering to most of us. If you agree, talk to your stylist about letting the colors mix in the eye of the beholder, not in the solution.

Silvery Champagne

Silvery Champagne 

Hate that yellow blond look?  Stay cool, with some luminous champagne accents. Ash blonds can get fresh tonal attitude without going gold or brassy. Like the subtle depths?

Ask your colorist about translucent pearl and silvery toners on your blonde tresses. 



It’s not for everyone, but sometimes a wearing a fantasy color on your head makes you happy. Tired of pink tips and streaks but love drama?  Try Amethyst this fall.  It’s less of a princess pink or cotton candy feel, but still capriciously fun.

Moving into Fall 

For fall, opt for richer, more dimensional versions of your spring and summer looks.  Your colorist can add ribbons of deeper shades to add more dimension to your look.   Sometimes it means using a deeper, buttery tone or a fashion accent like apricot.  Brunettes sometimes add a gloss to add richness to their hair color in fall.  But adding warmer tones, like amber, gold, and chestnut are very seasonal.  As we move away from summer and ease toward the holidays, the feeling is warmer, richer hair color.

The team at Peter’s Place Hair and Color Salon loves to give clients the incredible color experience they deserve.  More importantly, when you have your hair colored and styled at Peters Place, you know you can count on a skilled professional to guide you to flattering tones that make the most of your coloring.  You will look amazing, whether you decide on blonde, silver, chocolate, copper, brunette, gold, or amethyst. At Peter’s Place, bold or subtle hair color is beautiful and will make you look amazing.  Schedule your consultation today at (561) 510-8100. 

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