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Published September 30th, 2021

At Peter’s Place Hair + Color, we are thrilled to introduce Oway Hstraighten smoothing treatment for incredibly smooth waves of hair. Stunning hairstyle clients walk through our doors with sleek silky hair, after our stylists used this product on them.

We have a full team of talented stylists at Peter’s Place Hair + Color.  Each has a slightly different approach and preference on smoothing treatments, but Oway Hstraighten is one of our stylists’ favorites.  Super stylists like Eli at Peters Place Hair + Color love the results he achieves with anti-frizz smoothing emulsion by Oway. 

What Oway Hair Smoothing Treatment System is

This Formaldehyde free smoothing and disciplinary treatment brings out the incredible healthy sheen of smooth, strong hair.  Oway’s Smooth+ unites the nutritive benefits to hair.

How Oway Hair Smoothing Treatment works

Because frizz begins at the cuticles, Oway Hstraighten delivers a double action that starts there.  Hstraighten is a single product that restores the cuticle and reduces frizz for a long lasting smoothing effect.  Depending on the hair type, the use of the taming treatment will reduce frizz with long lasting results. 

What makes Oway Hstraighten special is an infusion with the signature blend of biodynamic dock, organic mullein and oils of date, coconut and avocado.  Compromised hair is restored by the glyoxylic acid effect on the amino acids in hair.  The hair becomes unbelievably smooth and controllable.  The results last from three to five months depending on the selected service, the hair type, and your at-home maintenance.

What Customers like

What people love about Oway Hstraighten is the smooth look with hours less style time.  Imagine cutting your morning routine shorter by a half hour to forty-five minutes!  It is amazing how much better a great cut and style makes us feel.  Before we even speak, our hair expresses our personality, who we are.  It is important that hair sends the visual message we want to convey.   Hair that is sleek and smooth boosts self-confidence.  Hair that is out of control makes us feel a little out of control too.    The Smoothing treatment stylists like Eli are crafting delivers amazing results that yield controllable hair in a safe organic service.

Beautiful hair styles from a Boca Raton salon.

When you want hair that turns heads, Contact Peter’s Place Hair+Color or call us at (561) 510-8100 and book your consultation today.  Peter’s Place Hair+ Color offers a full range of safe, nutritive products that restore the health and sheen of your hair and skin.  Peter Coppola, shop founder, pioneered formaldehyde free, healthy hair care products, and today we still ensure the treatments we offer are all available  formaldehyde free.  You can enjoy the look without harm to your hair.  We also offer restorative treatments that leave your hair healthier than when you came in. 

Though we offer many products, Oway is one of our favorite nutritive hair smoothing treatments on our shelves.  Come in and see our selection or call us to book your consultation.  You are going to love your new look.

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